First ‘Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan’ at provincial level launched in South Sumatra, Indonesia.

On May 5th 2017 the Government of the Province South Sumatra represented by the Forest Agency of South Sumatra has launched the “South Sumatra Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (SSBSAP) for 2017-2021" at Hotel Arista Palembang. Facilitated by the Project BIOCLIME the official document has been developed in a participatory way in the period of April 2016 until May 2017. A team of authors with more than 25 members consisting of representatives from research, academics, agencies, NGOs and practitioners from South Sumatra and other regions contributed intensively to the development of the document. The strategy is expected to be a reference for all parties in preserving and managing ecosystems and biodiversity. South Sumatra has several strategic areas for ecosystem management such as national parks, wildlife reserves and protected forests as well as forest ecosystems being a habitat for endangered species such as ‘Sumatran Elephants and Tigers’.

The documents can be downloaded to links below:

Interactive Dialog: South Sumatra Green Growth and Partnership for Landscape Management

Bioclime was invited to a LIVE Interactive Dialog at Sriwijaya TV on Wednesday, 29 March 2017 from 19:00–20:00 Western Indonesian Time. The program, named NGOPI 45, is a primetime session for discussing important issues in South Sumatra relating to education, environment, politics and culture. The dialog, led by moderator Adlia Nazila, invited three key speakers: the Deputy Governor of South Sumatra, Ishak Mekki; the Governor’s member of staff for climate change, Dr. Najib Asmani; and GIZ Bioclime Team Leader, Berthold Haasler.

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Rehabilitation planting on burnt over peat land in the Kepayang Village Forest

Planting on burnt over peat land in the Kepayang Village Forest was a follow up activity to the training on planting and establishing nurseries carried out on Februari 2017. Activities carried out in 13-26 march fell under the direct guidance of Ir. Bastoni M. Si. and Teten Rahman, researchers from the Palembang Environment and Forestry Research and Development Center (BP2LHK). The training involved 11 participants from Dusun II in Kepayang village and Talang Nuaran. Agroforestry system-based planting was planned for 5 ha in addition to the already available 1-ha training demonstration plot, making a total area of 6 ha. The agroforesty system used local species : jelutung, pulai, tembesu, and kayu labu.

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Forest Management Unit and Community Partnership Management

In a framework of discouraging FMUs in South Sumatra from being dependent on funds from APBN state and APBD regional budgets, they are being directed towards being able to develop and run business plans through partnerships with communities living in and around forests in Community-based Forest Management (CBFM) schemes. FMUs in South Sumatra will be encouraged to produce goods and services from the potential in their work regions.

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