BIOCLIME assists partner institutions in designing and implementing legal, policy and institutional reforms for the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable management of forests at the local and provincial levels in South Sumatra. These activities should lead to a subnational biodiversity strategy and action plan based on the Indonesian Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (IBSAP).

BIOCLIME partners receive support in the form of capacity building, knowledge transfer, and technology cooperation, enabling them to conduct inventories and develop biodiversity monitoring systems at the appropriate scales. BIOCLIME has a strong focus on accurate data management and facilitates the acquisition and compilation of current state data as well as data on changes to forest ecosystems and their biodiversity in South Sumatra.

BIOCLIME is focused primarily on the development of a set of indicators and parameters on biodiversity for use in a multipurpose monitoring system, the identification and mapping of high conservation value ecosystems using remote sensing data, and the inventorying of biodiversity in selected forest ecosystems in South Sumatra through terrestrial surveys. In addition, BIOCLIME assesses the impacts of deforestation and fragmentation on biodiversity loss as well as the potential ecological risks. Based on this information BIOCLIME intends to support provincial and district governments in South Sumatra to include biodiversity in decision making on land use planning, and tries to help locally established forest management units (FMUs) to integrate local communities in a participatory planning and management concept for forests and protected areas.