Work Package 5

Improvement of livelihoods of the local communities living in the area

What we want to achieve

In the framework of Work Package 5 we aim to identify potential for income generating measures and activities with the support of local user groups.

What we do

  • Identify suitable income generating measures for and together with local communities, e.g. improvement of value chains for non-timber forest products
  • Support user groups towards income generating measures as a contribution to village development
  • Introduce sustainable financing mechanisms (microcredit) for specific groups and communities
  • Integrate activities aimed at improving the income of the local population into conservation and management systems and structures (e.g. farm advisory services)
How do we know we’ve achieved it.

The livelihood of the rural population in the vicinity of the endangered forest ecosystem is improved and aspects of conservation and the sustainable use of forest ecosystems are part of the local economy.