Work Package 4

Development and implementation of an adapted local MRV (monitoring & measurement, reporting and verification) system for land use, biodiversity, risk potential and biomass

What we want to achieve

Work Package 4 aims at the establishment of an adapted MRV system for the measurement of avoided CO2 emissions, as well as for the monitoring of biodiversity and land-use changes. Work Package 4 also includes the establishment of a data management system with the help of experience from an already concluded REDD project in Merang, especially in the fields of carbon inventory and monitoring land-use change.

What we do

  • Implement Land Cover Change Analyses in selected districts
  • Support the district administration in the development of a district wide reference level for CO2 emissions from deforestation and forest degradation
  • Implement a carbon inventory
  • Develop and implement a specific MRV system based on already conducted inventories, including biodiversity
  • Establish a decentralized data management system
  • Implement training and advanced training

How do we know we’ve achieved it

A LUC/LUCF Analysis and a carbon inventory for selected forest ecosystems has been made and an account of sustainably prevented CO2 emissions serves as a management tool for relevant forest areas. The authorities in the project region responsible for monitoring and reporting to the national GHG plan are in a position to collect data and report systematically.