Work Package 2

Shaping of transparent and participatory planning and decision-making processes for the selection and management of protection areas.

What we want to achieve

Key to the sustainable management of protected areas is transparent and participatory decision-making processes when it comes to the determination of protected areas and their management. The activities of Work Package 2 aim at involving local communities in decisions on designation and management as well as on measures for the rehabilitation of protected areas. In the process we will try to include experience from relevant ongoing and completed projects.

What we do

  • Support multistakeholder dialogue on high biodiversity and designation of areas with high biodiversity and clarification of their borders at the local level
  • Develop and implement participatory and effective protection and management concepts together with local communities and local partners in selected pilot areas
  • Participatory planning and implementation of measures for the rehabilitation of endangered ecosystems

How we know we’ve achieved it

A transparent and participatory planning and decision making process is designed, installed and acknowledged by all stakeholders.