Work Package 1

Establishment of a data base for the conservation and sustainable management of areas of high biodiversity.

What we want to achieve

The objective of work package 1 is collecting data necessary for the determination of baselines and the establishments of a monitoring system, along with the development of qualitative parameters for the definition and measurement of degradation. For targetet interventions it is important to identify the areas most at risk from illegal activities and land use change, with the help of a risk potential analysis.

Data is supposed to be used for protection and sustainable management and for monitoring of fragmentation, degradation and deforestation.

What we do

  • Inventory, analysis and monitoring of the coverage of biodiversity in selected forest ecosystems in South Sumatra through terrestrial surveys
  • Development of environmental indicators (bio-indicators) for assessing the quality of forest ecosystems and for the determination of parameters for measuring forest degradation
  • Inventory, analysis and monitoring the coverage and dynamics of fragmentation of important habitats and the reduction of areas of high biodiversity conservation value. This includes the identification of risk factors for biodiversity and carbon sinks
  • Implementation of a comprehensive risk potential analysis (terrestrial and satellite-based)

How do we know we’ve achieved it

Baseline data of selected high biodiversity areas is available and can be used by relevant entities for their protection and sustainable management, as well as for monitoring fragmentation, degradation and deforestation of the selected areas.