BIOCLIME provides technical and political advice at the provincial and district levels in South Sumatra to sustainably manage high conservation value forests, conserve their biodiversity and hereby maintain their potential for carbon storage capacity. By safeguarding biodiversity BIOCLIME contributes to the reduction of deforestation and forest degradation and therefore the prospect of Indonesia achieving its significant carbon emission reduction target. BIOCLIME also supports the formulation of a sub-national biodiversity strategy and its integration into the national biodiversity strategy and action plan. Another field of support is creating job opportunities through participatory protection of high biodiversity forest areas and promotion of alternative income generating activities. These activities will be developed in the framework of low carbon emission management concepts, and will support Indonesia on its way towards having a low-carbon economy. Government institutions and civil society will be strengthened through the promotion of multistakeholder dialogues, and participatory planning and decision-making processes, which contribute to good governance of natural resources.

To achieve set goals, the project is divided into 5 Work Packages:

Work Package 1

Establishment of a database for the conservation and sustainable management of areas of high biodiversity

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Work Package 2

Shaping of transparent and participatory planning and decision-making processes for the selection and management of protected areas

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Work Package 3

Strengthening of management capabilities and capacities

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Work Package 4

Development and implementation of an adapted local MRV (monitoring & measurement, reporting and verification) system for land use, biodiversity, risk potential and biomass

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Work Package 5

Improvement of livelihoods of the local communities living in the area

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